Welcome to our Wonderland


High on the bank of the St Michaels River lies the picturesque Mhlangeni Lodge, our own personal Wonderland.

The lodge was bought by Pieter & Celest du Plessis early in 2016. It was their dream to create a Wonderland right here in the South Coast, and they immediately started working to make this dream a reality. With the words of the Mad Hatter, “we’re all mad here”, in mind, walls, ceilings, walkways, basically just about everything, had to go…

The renovations were intense!

Within a year the entire look and feel of the place would change from a modest B&B with floral patterned duvets and pine furniture to a fairytale setup that would be good enough for the Queen of Hearts herself!

The old tiles had to go, no question about that, and had to be replaced with a white marble floor.

The furniture was another “had-to-go” scenario, quaint pine tables just wouldn’t work in Wonderland… Chairs, tables, couches, beds, you name it, were replaced with beautiful white furniture. Chandeliers now adorn the ceilings, crystals sparkle wherever you tread, shaggy carpets and leather couches invites you to the resting areas, the hallways flaunt beautiful paintings, wall decorations and quotes wherever you walk, giving you the feeling that you are definitely walking around in Wonderland.

The “Create a Wonderland” project was a lengthy process. Wonderland wasn’t built in a day you know, no matter how mad the construction workers are! People from many sectors were pulled in to offer their expertise, these included fellow church members, large construction companies, local businesses, sole proprietors… Basically anyone who could help make the Wonderland dream a reality was given an opportunity to benefit from the project… And finally in January 2017 our Wonderland was finally ready to share with the rest of the world!

Everyone is invited to come to our tea party and spend their unbirthdays with us as we will be sharing ours with them in return! Our teagarden is fit for a queen, whilst the playground promises to provide every young Alice, right or wrong, with hours of entertainment. No boredom in Wonderland!

The rooms in Wonderland all have en-suite bathrooms, providing privacy and convenience to their guests.

For the newest King & Queen, the honeymoon suite is exceptionally stunning! Furnished with lavish rose gold furniture, and a rose gold bathroom to match, this is the perfect place to spend a honeymoon.

The Rabbit’s Cottage in the woods is a 2 bedroomed self-catering unit, perfect for the people who prefer to spend their unbirthdays with family only.

A second cottage, the MushRoom, consisting of an open-plan room with an en-suite bathroom and private terrace, is yet another excellent choice for an intimate getaway.

The sparkling swimming pool and pool-deck is the best place to be to enjoy a nice and cool relief from the heat, whilst overlooking the beautiful St Michaels River and the Shelly Swimming Beach.

For the Queens and Princesses of Hearts and Spades alike, the Wonderland Spa is a treat that should not be missed! Would an ordinary set of nails do, or would you rather prefer something that matches your hat? And how do we really know if it matches your hat? Why not visit the Spa and find out!

For us Wonderland is a dream come true, and you are invited by Royal decree to come and spend time in Wonderland. Our dream is your reality!